5 Digital Interview Tips You Can’t Avoid


To shy to be on camera?

Photo Credit: pat138241

Photo Credit: pat138241

The world changes and evolves daily, and one evolution within the human resources world is happening rapidly. The days of traditional interviews have long sense passed, and digital interviews are taking over the hiring world. Because of this, interviewees are having to adapt to their camera shy ways to ensure they book the job. In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 5 digital interview techniques that will ensure you’re hired. After all, your resume doesn’t speak to your abilities quite like the interview.

#1 – Look at the camera

While it may seem very uncomfortable, you’ve got to remember to look at the webcam. This is to avoid your face being lowered and the interviewer unable to look into your eyes. Look directly into the webcam and maintain eye contact with that. Sure, you’ll be seeing yourself on the screen below, and if it’s a live digital interview, you’ll be seeing the other person, but maintaining eye contact is key. When the other person is talking feel free to look down at the screen.

#2 – Speak very clearly

There’s no secret computers don’t have the clearest of microphones. Still, it’s important that you speak up and clearly to ensure your answers are heard. When you’re asked a question, take a breath and answer slowly. Don’t feel you have to rush through the questions to get to the end of the interview. The best thing you can do it take your time and develop your answers in your head. There’s nothing worse than rambling on and on for 2 minutes off topic and having to bring it around full circle.

#3 – Sit still

Don’t make a lot of movements as it becomes very distracting to the person watching your interview. Instead, sit still in a chair that you are comfortable in and don’t move too far side to side. Also, you may find it tempting to lean in to the camera, but you shouldn’t. On the other end, this gives off a sort of “fish eye” effect. When you remain still you’re allowing your interviewer to focus on you and the things you’re saying, not on why you’re rocking from side to side occasionally.

#4 – Be careful of your location

You may think it clever to film your digital interview in your bathroom, but it’s not. It raises serious questions about your level of seriousness. Instead, pick an empty room with no background noise and a blank wall behind you. Don’t have anything distracting on the walls. Your black-light poster from 8th grade does not show that you are mature enough to handle the job functions.

#5 – Stay calm

Digital interviews can be scary. They’re new, they’re unexpected, and it can be uncomfortable to watch yourself answering questions. Still, it’s important that you stay calm and relax. There’s nothing to worry about. Think of this as the pre-interview. Chances are you’ve been chosen to take the digital interview because you’re talented, dedicated, and have a superb resume with all the skills you need to thrive When you are completing your digital interview relax and know that you can do this.

If you’re on the job hunt chances are you’re going to have a digital interview. It’s time to master these techniques and book the job. If you’re a Human Resources Manager, let us help you bring digital interviewing into your process to make your life easer. Contact us today to try out the platform!


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