Passion vs. Purpose



Passion vs. Purpose – finding the perfect balance between these two means finding the perfect job… or at least close to it.

Finding this balance can be a difficult task – to find that equal balance of passion and purpose in your work life. It’s the happy middle that so many search for, but few find. Passion vs. financial support – love vs. dread – skill set vs. learning curve: these are all items you have to take into consideration when determining the perfect balance for the perfect job.

So, how do you get to this point? How do you determine if you should move forward in your current position or make a move in your career path?

Take these eight questions into consideration when determining passion and purpose, and by the end we bet you will have your answer.

1. What is the first thing you do when you walk into your office every day? Are you going straight to your desk to knock out things ASAP or do you grab a cup of coffee and catch up real quick with co-workers before hitting the to-do list for the day? Your environment is everything. Growth, excitement and passion are a reflection of your state of happiness and a piece of it should be visible every day.

2. Do you struggle to pick a path or to get things done? When you make your “to-do” list via calendar, notepad or computer – what’s on your list? Is your list determined by “what can I do to get through the day?” or “what’s going to make this the most successful/productive day?!”

3. Do you think about quality or quantity? With a job, quantity can often be a mark of success in the eyes of leadership; however, a focus of both quality and quantity far surpasses the numbers game when it comes to being productive and getting things done in the most efficient way. Growth and profit can happen, but will only continue to happen if the brand is reliable and trustworthy.

4. Do you stress about meetings or enjoy meetings?  Do you dread going to meetings and just try to give the shortest, most politically correct answers or do you enjoy meeting and discussing ideas, issues and solutions? Don’t get me wrong- there can be disagreements and they can sometimes be frustrating, but if the overall flow & mutual goals aren’t there, it will never work.

5. How much does your personal and work life intertwine? Yes, there should always be a good separation between the two; however, if you truly love your job, you will see an intertwining of the two as well. Do you have have friends or couples over for dinner that you’ve met through work or do you bring your husband/wife to company barbecues? If you love your job, you will want to intertwine the two, but if you have bitterness or resentment building up, you will want to keep them completely separate.

6. Do your moods change or stay the same?  Work can sometimes be stressful, but let’s be honest… being at home can sometimes be stressful too. If you are dreading coming into the office 3 or more days a week and you can tell you are “clamming up”, but you are happy at home, this could be a sign that maybe it’s not the best place for you.

7. Do you think about surviving or being successful? Are you working for the paycheck or are you working to make the most of your position and the company you are working for? Do you truly have a passion for the mission & goals of the company?

8. And finally… Are you happy? I mean truly happy. Work can be stressful, but if it taking a toll on your physical and emotional health, then it’s definitely time to consider making a move.

There will never be a “perfect job,” but in order to do great work, be successful and be truly happy, you have to find a job that is not only financially supportive, but also something that you are completely passionate about, and if you don’t have the skills, you will be able to learn the skills.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius


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