First-round In-person Interviews Are Dying Out


Digital interviewsIt’s time to accept that regular old walk into the office, shake a hand, and sit nervously while answering mundane questions style interviews are dying, and quickly. With all the new policies and procedures being put into place almost on a daily basis, Human Resource managers have a lot on their plate. These three reasons are proof that digital interviews are the way of the future, and they’ll take over regular interviews soon. Are you prepared?

Interviews are time-consuming.

You’re a busy, busy person. You probably spend a lot of time sifting through resumes and attempting to find the right person to call into your office, but often you call someone that just doesn’t fit the job personality-wise, but fits the bill on paper. While qualifications are absolutely important, so is personality. So, how can you avoid wasting time on regular interviews? Digital interviews are on-demand. Take your time watching candidates and analyzing how they act on camera. Don’t waste your time setting up an appointment.

Interviews are costly.

This one really does go back to the time issue, but for your employer, this is your selling point. Let’s look at the average process for finding a candidate for any particular position. First, you’ve got to create the ad, put it out there (probably on a service that costs you hundreds of dollars per day) and hope that someone decides to send in their resume. This process might be an hour to two hours. Once you’ve received 20 resumes (in this economy, if you’re lucky, it will only be 20) you’ve got to go through each of them and determine which of these candidates is worthy of an interview. This maybe takes you three to four hours. Next, you’ve got to follow up with all of these candidates, schedule interviews, and email back and forth while working through details. Now, lets consider that maybe you won’t be the only person in the interview. Now you’ve got extra schedules to coordinate. Finally, you’ve got the interviews themselves. Total, we’re looking at a full time job finding the right candidate. Sure, this gives you job security, but what about your current work load?

Interviews add to your workload.

If you’re spending countless hours trying to find the right candidate for a position, you’re not able to work on other tasks, like running the entire Human Resources department of your company. Lets face it, you’re busy, busy person. Letting digital interviews take over the hiring process for you allows you to focus on the day to day projects that you’ve got to complete to keep things running smoothly.

We could certainly go on and on about how digital interviews will help make your job easier, but we think it might be time for you to experience it yourself. After all, you’ll never know the power of the HireView platform, as brought to you by TruHire until you experience it yourself. Once you’ve hired someone using digital interviews, you’ll never want to do impersonal, cold, face-to-face first-round interviews again. Contact us for more information on how you can see the power of digital interviews.


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