1. Bigger job market

Expect to see more businesses this year increase their full-time head count, making for a bigger and more competitive job market. According to Chad Brooks at Business News Daily, 36% of employers plan to expand their staff in 2015, compared to just 24% in 2014. That’s a big jump, and means that you’re going to have to be ready with clear job descriptions, competitive salary and benefits, and innovative recruiting tactics.

Stay up to date with 2015's hiring trends to make sure you're recruiting the best.

Stay up to date with 2015’s hiring trends to make sure you’re recruiting the best.

2. Video Interviewing

The time for conducting dozens of personal first-round interviews is over. More and more companies are discovering the time- and money-saving benefits of screening through on-demand digital interviews. Video interviewing can free you up to evaluate a dozen interviews in the time it would normally take to conduct one face-to-face. At TruHire, we utilize HireVue’s powerful platform to help companies hire smarter in a digital age. You will probably recognize some of the companies who hire with the HireVue platform — companies like GE, Under Armour, the Boston Red Sox, Ebay, and many more. If you want to screen more and better candidates more quickly, it’s time to consider on-demand video interviews.

3. Stricter education requirements

Another Business News Daily statistic shows that this year, as in recent years, education requirements will continue to get steeper. As four-year degrees become more prevalent and jobs continue to be increasingly technical, more jobs will require not just BA/BS degrees, but Masters degrees as well. This means that if you’re looking for an edge in your job openings, consider whether you might want to examine candidates without traditional education for your job roles. You might find some great employees that other employers are passing up.

4. Higher salary competition

You won’t be surprised to hear that in 2015 you’ll likely be paying more for new talent, according to Small Business Trends. It may sound like bad news for business owners at first, but don’t underestimate the value of happy, well-compensated employees. Employees who feel adequately paid, and thus highly valued, often rise to meet the expectations and produce stunning work. So while you may have to increase some salaries to get the best talent, it might turn out to be a good thing for your company.

5. Passive candidate recruitment

Vivian Giang of Business Insider notes that with the increasing use of LinkedIn, it is now easier than ever to find great candidates who are not actively looking for work. This kind of “passive candidate recruitment” can help you find employees who are highly valued by their employers, and therefore very likely to be of great value to you. Having your recruitment team shift some of their time looking for happily-employed, talented individuals rather than just sifting through incoming resumes can give you that much-needed edge.

What trends have you noticed, and what are you implementing in your business to adapt?


When you assess job applicants, what are the top things you look for? Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ, suggests that we should be giving more attention to attitude over skill. Skills, he says, are pretty easy to assess. Nearly every industry has a way to test a candidate’s proficiency, whether it’s IT, medical, marketing, or finance. Aptitude is slightly less easy to assess, but it is still a tangible thing. Does their past prove them to be avid learners? Do they retain information in the interview? But gauging attitude is far more tricky.

Where's the sweet-spot between hiring for skill, attitude, and aptitude?

Where’s the sweet-spot between hiring for skill, attitude, and aptitude?


The most common method for assessing a candidate’s attitude is simply to feel it out during an interview. How an applicant holds his/herself, whether or not they smile, and how positive or negative is their communication — all of these are important. But what tends to happen is the candidate has an in-person interview with a hiring manager, and that manager relies on their gut instinct. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

According to Mark Murphy, out of a pool of 20,000 new hires, 89% of the failures were due to attitude. Attitude matters, and clearly we don’t have the tools and training to assess it properly.

The Solution

Enter video interviews. I don’t mean Skype or Google Hangouts — I mean on-demand, pre-recorded video interviews. TruHire’s process uses the highly-acclaimed HireVue platform, which allows hiring managers and HR professionals to not only quickly screen interviews, but to evaluate, rate, annotate, and share their thoughts about each interviewee, and each question/answer.

Evaluation analytics allow you to gauge attitude like never before. When you set up your custom digital interview with TruHire, we recommend asking situational questions that can reveal the attitude and personality of the candidate. When the candidate responds to the questions, you can have up to five separate evaluators in your organization all view the same video response and share their opinions of it.

Once all the ratings are submitted, the platform charts out the ratings per candidate, and allows you to quickly and accurately predict who will fit best in your company.

It’s time to go beyond simply hiring for skills. Start hiring smarter, with TruHire’s custom, digital interviews. Contact us to get started today.

Want more information on hiring for attitude? Leadership IQ is a great resource, and they have published a ton of material on this, backed up by solid research. Check them out here.




Digital interviewsIt’s time to accept that regular old walk into the office, shake a hand, and sit nervously while answering mundane questions style interviews are dying, and quickly. With all the new policies and procedures being put into place almost on a daily basis, Human Resource managers have a lot on their plate. These three reasons are proof that digital interviews are the way of the future, and they’ll take over regular interviews soon. Are you prepared?

Interviews are time-consuming.

You’re a busy, busy person. You probably spend a lot of time sifting through resumes and attempting to find the right person to call into your office, but often you call someone that just doesn’t fit the job personality-wise, but fits the bill on paper. While qualifications are absolutely important, so is personality. So, how can you avoid wasting time on regular interviews? Digital interviews are on-demand. Take your time watching candidates and analyzing how they act on camera. Don’t waste your time setting up an appointment.

Interviews are costly.

This one really does go back to the time issue, but for your employer, this is your selling point. Let’s look at the average process for finding a candidate for any particular position. First, you’ve got to create the ad, put it out there (probably on a service that costs you hundreds of dollars per day) and hope that someone decides to send in their resume. This process might be an hour to two hours. Once you’ve received 20 resumes (in this economy, if you’re lucky, it will only be 20) you’ve got to go through each of them and determine which of these candidates is worthy of an interview. This maybe takes you three to four hours. Next, you’ve got to follow up with all of these candidates, schedule interviews, and email back and forth while working through details. Now, lets consider that maybe you won’t be the only person in the interview. Now you’ve got extra schedules to coordinate. Finally, you’ve got the interviews themselves. Total, we’re looking at a full time job finding the right candidate. Sure, this gives you job security, but what about your current work load?

Interviews add to your workload.

If you’re spending countless hours trying to find the right candidate for a position, you’re not able to work on other tasks, like running the entire Human Resources department of your company. Lets face it, you’re busy, busy person. Letting digital interviews take over the hiring process for you allows you to focus on the day to day projects that you’ve got to complete to keep things running smoothly.

We could certainly go on and on about how digital interviews will help make your job easier, but we think it might be time for you to experience it yourself. After all, you’ll never know the power of the HireView platform, as brought to you by TruHire until you experience it yourself. Once you’ve hired someone using digital interviews, you’ll never want to do impersonal, cold, face-to-face first-round interviews again. Contact us for more information on how you can see the power of digital interviews.


There are very few things worse than a bad first-round interview.

A bad, first round interview is a waste of time and money for both the employer and the job seeker.

Being a part of the staffing industry for almost 20 years, it became evident to me that the recruiting industry had failed to re-invent itself in 20+ years. It had become stagnant and inefficient. I was going to change all of this.

Sure we have Monster, Career Builder and plenty of local job boards, but at the end of the day all employers and hiring managers end up doing is looking at a piece of paper- nothing more.

Furthermore, all these pieces of papers… They are just that- PAPER. You can tell nothing about a candidate from a piece of paper. There is no true way to test skills, see work ethics or get to know personalities.

This is where the idea of TruHire was born. What better way to find the PERFECT candidate than to meet a candidates before they even come in for a first round, face-to-face interview?

Solution? My initial thought was video resumes.

When feeling out the idea of video resumes, I approached a very trustworthy customer and asked what they thought about video resumes. They answered, “video resumes, no- video interviews, yes!” So, back to the drawing board I went.

Enter: TruHire, the on-demand digital interviewing process… The solution.

Digital Interviews: The New Way To Hire

Digital Interviews: The New Way To Hire

TruHire is powered by HireVue, the leading provider of digital interviewing technology. Together, we are going to change the recruiting industry forever!

For candidates:

  • Say GOODBYE to scheduling & running around town trying to park for an interview with a company you may not even like, and you may realize this from the second you walk in the door!
  • Say GOODBYE to having to do interviews on your lunch break or after work hours!
  • Say HELLO to now being able to do a digital interview any time & anywhere!
  • Say HELLO to doing 10 digital interviews with 10 different hiring managers at once without even being present!

For the hiring managers:

  • Say GOODBYE to scheduling conflicts & the overall hassle of interviewing!
  • Say HELLO to 10 interviews in 20 minutes rather than 2 days!
  • Say HELLO to more time for all the other important things you have to do!

So, will this catch on?

In 2011, less than 1% of employers used video in the hiring process. In 2012, that percentage jumped to 53%. It’s just a matter of time before the on-demand digital interview becomes the norm and commonplace in the hiring process… Even further, the ONLY way to hire!

It will catch on. It is catching on. Are you ready to jump in?

TruHire is where our story begins. Where will your story begin?