5 Ways to Get Your Job Openings Discovered


now-hiring-stockThere will be millions of US jobs posted this year, which means that as you post new job openings for your company, you need to be strategic about how you get your positions in front of the right people. Everyone is vying for the best talent, so how do you get discovered, let alone stand out? Here are five ways that can help:

1. Think about your brand

This is a long game, but it’s worth the effort. Your brand identity really matters; remember, interviews go two ways! Yours needs to be a company which can be immediately established as not only “legitimate,” but desirable to work for. Having a great website, consistent branding across your channels, great customer service, and established social presence–all these things will go a long way in helping the right candidates find you.

2. Candidate experience

The candidate’s application experience should be consistent with your brand image. Are you a tech company? Make sure your application system isn’t outdated and glitchy! The application process is often a candidate’s first touch point with your company, and like all other touch points, you will want to make sure it’s a smooth, efficient process.

3. Utilize your current team

If you have 500 people in your contact list, and you have an organization of 80 employees, each with 500 more people in their lists, well… chances are, someone who works for you already knows the perfect fit for your opening. Why not leverage that connection? It’s likely that your most remarkable employees know other remarkable candidates in their fields. Ask your team to spread the word through social media, and personally introduce you or your HR team to the superstars in their networks.

4. Appropriate job title

When candidates look for jobs, they use standard job titles they know to find the right fit. So let’s call a duck a duck! If you’re looking for sales staff, “marketing coordinator” probably isn’t going to land you the right hire. Do the research, talk to your current staff, and find the perfect job titles that not only fit the position, but are industry-standard. Your chances of being discovered by qualified people will go way up.

5. Embrace social media

This should go without saying, but when it comes to the job search, social media is your best friend. LinkedIn is the platform most commonly utilized for job-seeking purposes by candidates, so make sure your job postings go up there with great descriptions and clear titles–but don’t neglect Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms! Letting your followers know you’ve got an opening is a great way to hire people already familiar with, and fans of, your company. And a tweet from on organization to someone who looks like they’ve got real talent can go a long way in wooing them to your company.


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